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Traditional Bedroom Sets

Traditional Bedroom furniture has continued to charm and attract people who are looking for taste and class in their bedrooms. You cannot but admire well made and maintained traditional furniture at your friends or relatives place since it actually beckons you with a sense of comfort and peace. Traditional Furniture comes with its rarity and unique, classic features and does influence your mood besides giving a touch of royalty to your most private space for relaxation.

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While selecting Classic bedroom Furniture, you have to consider the options of period and styles, eg. The period may be Victorian or the style may be Gothic and so on. Other considerations may be the color based on your décor or the ease of cleaning. Overall, it should give you the comfort and elegance you are looking for. Traditional Wood furniture is in great demand always and is the fastest selling. You may also go in for a set that has add-ons like stone, marble or leather. There is no denying the fact that Traditional Furniture does make a bedroom very warm and inviting and improves with time. In addition to its durability, it is maintained easily. The only catch is that all styles relate to a corresponding budget. You can choose your own.

However, when you plan to buy Classic Furniture for your bedroom, keep in mind the people who are going to use it and of course the overall décor you are having. Do not mix and match something which you may find hurting the eye. The furniture should fit into the surrounding. So go ahead and indulge in royalty!

Barocco Classic Ivory Finish Bedroom by Camelgroop, ItalyEFBS-Barocco-Ivory
Special price: $1,070.15
20540 Chantelle Bedroom w/Optional Case Goods by AcmeAMBS-20540 Chantelle
Special price: $1,019.15

CM7260 Mandura Bedroom in Cherry w/OptionsFABS-CM7260 Mandura
Special price: $551.65
Dresden Bedroom in Gold Patina & Bone by Acme w/OptionsAMBS-23160 Dresden
Special price: $1,444.15
Louis Philippe III Bedroom 5Pc Set in White by Acme w/OptionsAMBS-24500 Louis Philippe III
Special price: $781.15
12140 Dresden Bedroom in Cherry by Acme w/Optional Case GoodsAMBS-12140 Dresden
Special price: $1,240.15

22000 Vendome Bedroom in Cherry by Acme w/OptionsAMBS-22000 Vendome
Special price: $1,971.15
Acme Roman Empire Bedroom in Dark Cherry w/OptionsAMBS-19340 Roman Empire
Special price: $1,223.15
Barocco Classic Two-Tone Finish Bedroom by Camelgroup, ItalyEFBS-Barocco-Black-Silver
Special price: $1,138.15

Barocco Ivory & Gold Two-Tone Bedroom w/Optional Case GoodsEFBS-Barocco-Ivory-Gold
Special price: $1,138.15
Beverly Bedroom in Dark Cherry by Acme w/OptionsAMBS-22730 Beverly
Special price: $806.65
CM7129 Syracuse Bedroom in Dark WalnutFABS-CM7129 Syracuse

CM7296DA Monte Vista I Bedroom in Dark Walnut w/OptionsFABS-CM7296DA Monte Vista I
Special price: $1,061.65
CM7711 Esperia Bedroom in Brown Cherry w/OptionsFABS-CM7711 Esperia
Special price: $951.15
CM7811 Landaluce Bedroom in Antique Style Dark Oak w/OptionsFABS-CM7811 Landaluce
Special price: $679.15

10430 Canterbury Bedroom in Black by Acme w/OptionsAMBS-10430 Canterbury
Special price: $568.65
14110 Manhattan Bedroom in Black w/Storage Drawers & OptionsAMBS-14110 Manhattan
Special price: $1,070.15
200439 Louis Philippe Bedroom in Cherry by Coaster w/OptionsCRBS-200439 Louis Philippe
Special price: $670.65

202260 Maddison Bedroom in Cappuccino by Coaster w/OptionsCRBS-202260 Maddison
Special price: $883.15
204451 Abigail Bedroom in Cherry by Coaster w/OptionsCRBS-204451 Abigail
Special price: $849.15

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